Our Approach

Our Approach

AMaxEducation's approach to learning can be summed up by simply stating: 我们希望您的孩子能够达到英语语言的最大潜力。To accomplish this goal, there are two different, but equally important approaches 1) grammar rules taught through grammar exercises and reading exercises  2) practical teaching of everyday english through speaking/ listening exercises.


Our Story

My Story

I've been teaching most of my life! From an early age, I have seen the power of education in a students life. For approximately five years now, I've primarily taught students from China.  I know the pressure and struggles they face is in this fast growing competitive market.  It is my desire to help ALL students reach their full potential.

我一直在教我的大部分生活! 从很小的时候起,我就已经看到了学生生活中教育的力量。 大约五年来,我主要教过中国学生。 我知道他们面临的压力和挣扎是在这个快速增长的竞争市场中。 我希望帮助所有学生充分发挥潜力。

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让我建立一个为您或您的孩子定制的英语程序! 我期待着机会!