Please let me introduce myself: I’m Andrew Maxey, founder of AMaxEducation. I’ve been teaching students from many different countries online for six years now. Through my experience, I’ve come to appreciate several things about my students:

*many students have learned English by ‘rote’- just repetition. And, very often, from a non-native teacher with accent issues.

*many students lack opportunity to use what they learn. And the expression goes, “if you don’t use it, you’ll loose it”. This is so true of language.

My online courses focus on the following issues:

1) conversational quality/ vocabulary acquisition- thru speaking exercises, determining what words are known and expanding vocabulary while building confidence.

2) phonetics training- review of the 44 English phonetics sounds & specific exercises that compare/ contrast sounds and explain mechanics of the mouth. For example, ‘th’ sound, v/w sound distinction etc.

3) creative writing- after vocabulary acquisition, using creative writing exercises that use the newly learned words.


First three courses are FREE! Let me show you how I can help!

1) Phonetics Training/Accent Reduction

2) Creative Writing Exercises

3) Freelance Writing Projects: Need proofreading for emails, essays, or business vocabulary? Let me help with your written communication projects. First hour FREE! Afterwards, we can make arrangements per project. See my work sample!

My programs:

  1. Phonetics Training/ Accent Reduction ( 2x each week)
  2. TOEFL/IELTS Test Training.

Starter Kit: Phonetics Training/ Vocabulary Acquisition classes (2x each week) for one month= $100 (USD) !! After first free three classes!

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